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Bubblegirls is a different kind of adult site started in 1996 dedicated to showing real female orgasms. I shoot in POV style. Here you can find masturbation, lesbian action, and my patented Hands on Approach! In the Hands on videos (99% of the site) I hold the camera while pleasuring the girls with toys, fingers, various implements, etc. The focus is always on the girl and I try my hardest to capture that unique moment when she has a REAL orgasm! So in these detailed videos you get to see up close and personal the girls pussies getting WET FOR REAL, many times dripping. You get to see their pussies get engorged with blood and puff up. You get to see many girls have their first orgasm ever in their lives (it happens with some of these models believe it or not). You get to see G Spot, Anal induced, double penetration, and Fisting induced orgasms. You will see many girls squirting, many for the first time ever! You get to see real reactions, I coach the girls only to make the noises when they feel good and to tell me what they like and what they don’t like. But I also push many of them to try new things like fisting, squirting and anal. There are many girls who do first time anal. All the girls get shaved either before or during the shoot. That gives  you a great view of there pussy and asshole when they come so you can see the contractions. Many girls drip or ooze as I pull out the toys. I spend a lot of time with foreplay, so you will see me slowly undress the girls, rub lotion on their bodies, gently caress them to get them hot and bothered. I touch their faces, their necks, their inner thighs, their hands; stuff you don’t see in REGULAR porn. And of course I try to get as many orgasms out of each girl as possible. Sometimes the angles are a bit strange as I put the camera to the side of the girl so that you can see her face as I work on her from behind. I want you to be able to hear as her breath quickens, as the moaning goes from sometimes fake to real, how you can see the girls chests get red or how their hands and legs shake. Sometimes, I pull the camera back so you can see the girls toes curl or how they try to close their legs when the come (a big problem for us to see what we want to see). So, if you want you can consider this a site for connoisseurs if you will, designed for true fans of the real female orgasm!

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