Big DVD Clearance Sale!

We are clearing out all our DVD stock and moving to a video downloads and membership model. DVD’s on sale now for $4.95 which is basically cost for us.

Go to the store now and check it  out.

Big Changes to Member’s Area!

Well, I have been working on this project a very long time and today we are introducing the first big changes to the member’s area.

  1. Downloadable videos
  2. H.264 video clips, html5, quicktime, or flash viewable
  3. New organization, gallery and video pages separated
  4. Videos load to a black page for more comfortable viewing

All videos are now playable in your browser as either Flash or Quicktime. If you have a Flash capable browser you can use the player we have embedded in the page and it works great. You can even maximize the zoom so the video goes full screen. You can also choose the Quicktime clips if you have that plug-in installed. Or if you are unsure of your settings and plug-ins you can choose the play Auto-Detect link and we figure it out for you. The video comes from the same source and it is all encoded H.264 so it does not matter how you view the clips. Also the background of the page while the video is playing is black for more comfortable viewing.

The biggest improvement though is that you can now download clips. Just option click the link and save it locally.

A lot more changes coming. These latest changes all had to be coded into the Content Management System. The other changes will be updates to the design that hopefully make it a lot less painful to look at.

Charity and Lei clips added

Two cuties from Las Vegas try lesbianism for the first time. Lei a girl from Guam is an exotic beauty. Charity is from Portland and flew down to do some shoots. Great closeups of girls who actually like girls.

New clips of Tatiana

New clips of Tatiana added today. I have made blu-ray masters for Dorina Shoot 3, Kyara, and Leda. Next for blu-ray will be Patty and Sunny.

Recompressed clips of Charity and some other girls coming soon.

Sorry it has been a while since the last post. I was away for a while. Been back now and caught up so you guys will see some new and some re-compressed clips coming soon. Also, did a successful test of a blu-ray burn. I have about 20 or so girls shot in HD so I plan on releasing those girls on blu-ray. The quality is awesome.

Cute Asian Loni, and lolita style girl Sandra added. Also tons of clips of Quincy. I shot her twice.

I have put all the newest girls at the top of the main page when you first login. Enjoy these two cuties.

Gypsy girl Foxy, Las Vegas Cutie Pie Ivy video clips added.

I added Foxy, Ivy, and Sandra. I am working on Quincy.

Videos of Toby, Tammy, Sloan, Madeline, and Courtina plus lots of Casting Videos.

New member’s area authorization system. Hopefully this will fix some problems some people had with access. Also, it will lock out any intruders. This is a much more advanced system and it means we will soon be able to offer downloadable movies!

I activated a couple more castings sets including Queenie, Minnerva, Nicole Evans, and Jill Babes.

I added 640×480 full chapter length movies of Toby, Tammy, Sloan, Madeline, and Courtina. Many more to come including Sandra, Foxy, Ivie, Lysa, Rainbow, Sophie Moone, and Stella Hott.


Brandi is a local college girl who does stripping telegrams. She saw my ad in the paper and came in the studio to check it out. I think you will agree she has a ten body and a great smile, although her teeth are kind of fucked up. You have got to love those perfect natural breasts. Brandi was a trip! I actually was able to touch her when she came in for her audition photos. It was amazing. Brandi started to dance and I inched closer and closer and when I could sense she was comfortable I offered to apply some lube to her pussy. I began to rub her clit with the lube and she immediately responded positively. From there I knew I was golden and I rubbed her soft pussy and even ventured to put a finger inside. For a moment Brandi had second thoughts and we went back to solo, but then she wanted me again and I quickly made her come. Afterward, she let me grope her absolutely perfect breasts. I shot her again seriously but I think her audition was actually hotter because it was so unexpected. I did this to so many girls over the years it is unbelievable. Probably more than 300 but unfortunately I only captured a few on camera.


Bogi just turned 18 and although she is a bit short to be a proper model she has a tight little body. People told me not to waste my time with her because she is not that hot, but her innocent looks and quiet personality turned me on. Her perfectly smooth pussy is one of the best I have seen and she came easily. I liked this girl and I think you will too.